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Do you know your customer? Prove it.

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

You built your business on the fact that you deliver a solution better than anyone else. So you must know your customer better than your competition. Does your brand prove that?

Knowing your next customer.

Recently we wrote about the core emotional value of your brand. Putting that content to use for your business requires knowing who you want to purchase your product or service. You are a wealth of marketing knowledge because you know about your customer than anyone else. But it may not be actionable information yet. At least not actionable to the point that you can increase the strength of your brand.

To a business owner, it’s called knowing your customer, to a marketer, it’s called user persona development. This is the beginning to all well-defined marketing strategies. The use of analytics both on your website and social media now allows for us to relate true metrics and results to your marketing efforts. If you want to have success with women ages 30-40 that live within 25 miles of your business, you can track that.

Do you believe if you had the time to sit down with every potential customer and share your passion about your business, they would make a purchasing decision in your favor? You should. I think its safe to assume in your sales pitch you convey the core emotional value of your brand and its used as an influencer to encourage the purchase of your services. In a face to face conversation you can ask questions and you know much more about who you’re speaking to.

When your marketing to inbound potential customers who have landed on your website or social media you must clearly define who those people may be, what they might want, and design your marketing to speak directly to them.

Technology has changed what you need to know.

The statement above is true, but even more so, it's what you say to your customer about yourself. What you need to know about your customer has changed with the introduction of the internet, search, and social media. Your brand is now having multiple continuous conversations with a variety of people at the same time. Technology has spilled the guts of your business across the web for all to see and people are reading between the lines to see if you truly understand what they want from you. If you can't tell them what makes you different from your competition, why should they choose you?

What you know about your customer can change how you design your website, the content you write, the images you show people, and more importantly the story your brand is telling. Your brand has a voice and tone that speaks directly to the needs of your next brand advocate. Many businesses lose the concise delivery of their brand story and their unique brand promise over time. Becoming more and more convoluted and reducing the engagement with their target audience. The conversation that takes place in the subconscious cannot be ignored and you must have a plan to control it.

So, what's your plan?

When we develop a plan our mission is to create transparency and clarity that enables our clients to gain a sense of control over their marketing. Our clients can tell you who they want to speak to, what they are saying, where they are saying it, and provide you with a confident description of their marketing strategy. Their marketing master plan gives them the ability to make great marketing decisions year over year. They know where they've been and they can determine where they're going. We sleep better knowing they have more answers than questions.

If you have questions about your branding or marketing, let's talk about it. Follow this link to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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