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A brand you can dance to.

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

There are moments in life a song fits the perfect occasion. Your body starts to move, the energy flows through you, and you know this moment will change your life forever. We believe our branding process creates this special moment of engagement for their target audience.

Every brand has a different beat.

Before beginning this blog I put my earbuds in place and began to search my playlists for the right song for this particular moment. This right song at the right time speaks directly to me and acts as a source of inspiration. When your next customers spends time engaged with your website, social media or content, this same stimulation should occur. They're seeking a solution and a positive emotional outcome from purchasing a product or service like yours. But why should they dance to your song rather than the tune of your competitor?

The content you create, the look of your brand, and the way you market to your target audience plays a song that tells your story. Is yours upbeat, a slow jam, or acoustic? Perhaps your playlist changes based on the desired reaction from your audience. When you think about how a song can change the body language and thoughts of an individual you find close similarities to marketing.

The elements of an artist.

We often connect with a song because of lyrics, but, there is much more to our connection than just words. The phrasing of those words, the image of the artist, and the emotions behind a specific song can influence how engaged we are to the music.

Similarly, the messaging your delivering to your target audience may fall on deaf ears if its placed in a composition that doesn't support what your saying. What do we mean by composition? Based on today's popular website designs, you likely have a large banner image on your home page. Your brand positions you as a business that cares about people and your relationship development with your client sets you apart. Yet, you don't have a single image on your website that shows people interacting together.

We've all been to a wedding reception and heard the same songs that are played at every other wedding reception. Why? Because they say the right words, have the right tone, and speak directly to the situation in such a perfect way. What else would you play? It's based on the moment and your desire to determine the reaction of your audience. Chicken dance anyone?

Your #1 Hit.

Your number one hit will require the perfect beat, instruments, vocals, lyrics and timing. Like any great song that creates an emotional response, your brand works the exact same way. Every aspect of your brand and marketing must move people on an emotional level that leads to a purchasing decision in your favor.

Your claimed positioning will influence whether you choose a love song or the chicken dance. Your competition may already claim ownership to being the most friendly or have the lowest price. If they're having a conversation about pricing better than you are, you will lose your audience. Or, if the priority of your audience isn't pricing at all then your not having the right conversation anyway.

In order to make your brand a #1 hit you must play all the right notes. Your marketing must connect with your brand story and promise. Your content needs to engage your target audience, prove that you care about the same priorities they do, and move them on an emotional level. Once your brand has aligned every aspect of your marketing on the same level you are faced with the challenge of reaching the right people.

Before you try to reach the world make sure you're #1 hit is ready.

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