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What is the story of your brand?



Increase engagement and revenue through your brand story. We work to understand what makes your brand unique. Thorough knowledge of your business and desired customer is essential to creating intelligent marketing. 


Are you maximizing each channel of your marketing?


Create genuine relationships with cohesive brand stories that reach your target customer on all channels of your marketing. Streamline your processes and empower your marketing channels to produce maximum results.



How stimulating is the story of your brand?


Bring the passion out of your brand and into the heart of your next customer. We design unique content that brings the best out of your brand and tells a story that connects with the emotions of your target audience. 




Can you measure the results of your marketing?



Gain confidence in the results of your marketing. We set measurable goals to ensure your marketing strategy is hitting the mark. We put you in control of your marketing and so you can feel the pulse of your business.


When dynamic marketing minds meet business challenges, sparks fly, and you have a front-row seat. 


KYDA Consulting has gathered years of marketing experience and put it to work for your business. You deserve a dedicated resource that understands your business, knows your customer and tells a compelling story that drives new revenue. 


Our team guides you through our Marketing with E.A.S.E process and designs a marketing master plan unique to your business. During the process, our team utilizes proven strategies to identify barriers, resolve critical business problems and aligns your brand with your next customer's passions and interests. Creating an engaged brand advocate.


Your business started with a dream. Our life's work is to Keep Your Dream Alive. 



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"The updates to my marketing connected very well with my customers. When we modified my business model to include distributors, I moved more product in less time".

Marilyn Baker


"They are very attentive listeners and can capture your thoughts and translate them into brand design and style. This is a very unique talent".


Phil Wiseman

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"I didn't realize I was targeting the wrong client. We made changes to my marketing to fit a better demographic and I felt like I regained control over my marketing".

James Noll



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